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Create custom kpi dashboards. Even arguably as a feature of national culture and pride. You dont have to look far to see what a world of cheap and plentiful imsi catchers looks like. Say cheese. Well because the iPhone 7's camera is brilliant. On paper it might not sound that special — like last year there's a meg offering — but it's been rebuilt from the ground up and the results will have you leaving your dedicated camera in a cupboard for the rest of time.

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So, what's changed? The result? More light, and more light means more detailed, sharper shots. Photos look great. Colours really pop, focussing is super speedy and optical image stabilisation has finally been added. It's not just in bright, natural light that the camera impresses either. Indoors, in tricky lighting, the iPhone 7 has come on leaps and bounds. Everything's now more naturally toned and well balanced.

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Colours are again the highlight, but skin tones feel natural and depth to shots is seriously impressive. Even when the lights come fully down, the iPhone's image quality still holds its own. After dark it's not quite Galaxy S7 strong, but it runs it a close second, balancing areas of light and shade and reducing unwanted background noise. All sounds great, right?

And it is. There is a serious catch though. There's nothing wrong with the iPhone 7's camera, it's great, but it's just not as good as the dual camera offering squeezed into the rear of its big brother, and that's a shame. The Plus's second, telephoto lens offers a whole world of improved imaging options, and once you've used both, there's only one phone that comes out on top.

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While a second camera would no doubt bump up the cost, you know it's going to pop up on the iPhone 8, and that just makes it all the more frustrating. Buy the iPhone 7 and you'll always know you're missing out, slightly. Forget what's not there though, what's present is still impressive. It's not just about what's around back either. The selfie snapper has been given a boost too. Last year's 5-meg front-facing camera has been given the boot, with a new 7-megapixel offering taking its place.

Here things are sharper and a little more detailed — your Snapchats and Facebook selfies will never have looked so good. Verdict: The best iPhone ever sort of. No radical redesign, no resolution boost and no headphone port. If you look at what the iPhone 7 is missing, at least on paper, it's all too easy to dismiss Apple's latest pocket blower as just yet another iterative update.

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There's more to it than that though. A lot more. This is a phone that's added more updates than you can count on your hands and importantly, all of these additions combine to make a major difference. Sure, the missing headphone port will remain the taking point for some time, but only for those who don't have an iPhone 7.


Within a day or two of owning one, you'll forget what all the fuss was about and spend the next two years blissfully happy with your purchase. Yes, the 7 Plus does edge its little brother thanks to its impressive dual camera, but you'll need to be deep of pocket in more ways that one to make the bigger device work for you.

For those with regular-sized trouser holes, the iPhone 7 is the best iPhone ever made. Type keyword s to search. Digital Spy. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Reviews. Anna and the Apocalypse is must-see Christmas film. Girl in the Spider's Web: Lisbeth's a superhero. Does Fantastic Beasts 2 recapture Potter magic?

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