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Whitelisting apps from battery optimizations does not help! Evenwell kills even whitelisted apps. What this non-standard app does is every process gets killed after 20 minutes regardless it is actually supposed to be running and doing a useful job for the user.

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Also alarms are not triggered. The aim is apparently to save your battery by rendering tracking apps and other apps that use background processing useless.

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Moreover even 3rd party user visible alarms alarm clock alarms are not triggering properly on Nokia as foreground services cannot be started from background on Nokia. This is a serious issue unparalleled to any other vendor.

We did not yet find a workaround for this :. For fun investigative read about Evenwell, check out Who is Nokia? On Nokia 1 there is an alternative package that works very similar to what the com. You can also retrieve the most recent call logs — and it works even without a SIM card plugged in.

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The Pro account monthly subscription lets you track the movements of the stolen smartphone with a history map so you know where your device is heading. You can also get protection for multiple devices, and receive notification for when it leaves a pre-selected fenced-in area good for keeping watch on your little ones.

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Here are a few more anti-theft apps, some with the added protection against viruses that you might pick up while surfing the Web. You can also record audio from the microphone.

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The free version lasts for a week, while the Pro version lets you use it for up to 5 devices under the same account. You can then receive notices of where your phone is. The app is hidden and can only be uninstalled with a password. In the event that your phone has run out of battery, it will notify you of its last known location.

Also has an automated backup and restore function which can be accessed from the website.

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For that sum, you get the regular anti-theft protection, antivirus protection, plus data backup and restore functions. If you have any other feedback about this answer no account info, please , let us know below:. Submit Cancel. Thank you for your feedback. Device Guides.

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