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However, I got an assault charge. Yeah I attacked him, to try and save my cat. He hid the cat somewhere before I could get over to his place. I had to run around a couple houses to get to his. I clubbed him on the head and hand with a baton that has lead on the end of it and the cops came and arrested me. Later on when I got home, I couldn't find my cat anywhere.

I was devastated that he got another one of my cats. I only have 3 two now. He managed to BS the cops so well that he made me look crazy. Well, to my surprise, 24hrs later my cat turned up howling at the front door. I rushed him to the vet where they documented everything. His paw damage was obviously from a metal trap. I'm not crazy, I'm out to catch a psycho neighbour who hates cats. So now I have a camera facing my back yard, shed and well.. He's so irked that he shone a high powered LED light into it and caused it to go all blurry.

However, my camera only has to have a factory reset done to make it clear again. I have taken steps to put camera at an angle he can't blast light into it, but I can still see what he's up to in his yard. Freakin loser needs to be caught I'd rather put a bullet in his brain Hi, Calli, setting up a security camera is a wise option to catch your neighbor in the act.

And you can show the police your video footage if the camera captures your neighbor trapping cats. Again, thanks for sharing your experience with us. And thanks for acknowledging my really long comment.

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I'll get this guy caught yet. Patience is a virtue right?! Have there been any further developments with this problem neighbor? The idea of someone killing animals is disgusting, and it's a symptom of psychopathy. If someone were to harm my cat I'd find it very difficult to remain calm and composed. Hey Julie, I attached a link for some cling stuff that I bought for my windows, for privacy. I have some on my kitchen window, bathroom window and on one of my living room windows.

It was super easy to put on too. I buy everything on amazon. Great place to get stuff for privacy issues. I am also a neighbor with security cameras. I have firearms in my house legally purchased and stored.

I placed cameras pointing at all entrances of my house. To protect myself and society from my guns getting into the wrong hands.

One neighbor to the East broke the camera off my house I have him on video doing so. Under our useless laws the police were not able to charge him. So I put one more camera pointing into his yard from where he reached over and broke off the camera. Hi, Vic, it is best not to point your security cameras to your neighbor's yard in avoidance of any privacy disputes. Hope this would help. You cannot reason with a drunk.

The cameras were pointed skirting the property line. He reached over and knocked it off.

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He is the criminal thug I am trying to get caught. If your cameras were actually only pointing at your own doors there wouldn't be a problem. You are no doubt peeping Tomming on your neighbor and they'd had it. I know the feeling. No sympathy for peeping Toms. They were skirting the property line. He had no right to reach across the fence and damage my home. That is vandalism.

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I'm sorry you had bad circumstances; did you ever think Vic's are different? He DID say the cams are pointing to his entrances I have a feeling there's much more to the story that you're not telling us. No one gets three felonies on a simple assault charge, ever. I've got horrendous neighbours over the road. I'm in the country. They have put up about 6 long metal poles, about 30 metres in height and aimed multiple cameras to capture pretty much my entire property wirelessly.

They asked me to cut my trees. Told them no, so they started drilling large nails into one that is obviously in the way of one of the cameras. That has now inspired me to grow many trees in their path. I've also built an extra high carport in my backyard, right in front of my shed to stop them looking at me whenever I walk into or out of my shed door.

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All very legal — at least in my part. Not a single helpful tip in the entire thing. I have a camera in my window some aiming at my front porch. No biggie and not even near the point of a neighbors house or anything, just my own lil webcam to see who came over while I'm gone but at night the neighbors porch light is so bright that my night vision has a huge hot spot in it because of their porch light, anything I can add to or do to diffuse the light so it picks up my front porch better at night? It's a decent camera with lots of settings but not near close enough to catch a neighbor's house or anything invasive and I wouldn't do that anyways just want to have my motion detection work at night if anyone comes up near my house is all.

Hello, Barrett, you may communicate with your neighbor and ask them to change their porch light. So, if this doesn't help, to ensure that your webcam works properly at night, it is best to install it in another position to avoid being affected by the bright light. Yeah she won't. She's an older lady and I do encourage everyone to use their lights at night, it really keeps the riff raff out of the neighborhood. I'm going to just mount it outside so the infrared doesn't bounce off the window I think It IS an outside cam technically but my eaves are low so someone could just knock it down but I think I'll mount it to the roof and just flip the image in the software, that'[d definitely fix my issue and while I ;like it wired for speed etc, It is wireless capable and literally just outside my computer room and up 10 feet so wifi should be perfectly fine Right, tell the neighbor you have a cam in case you have intruders, etc.

The whole point of a cam is to capture possible wrongful activities and you want to make it easy for people to intrude and get away with it? By reinforcing all the entrances to your house and monitor these areas with security cameras, you are able to protect your home from burglaries effectively. I agree, I would never ask my neighbors that and in fact I don't want any of my neighbors to not have their porch lights on.

If everyone actually use their porch lights and lit up their yards well at night it might just work for you and we may not even need security cams in some neighborhoods at least not as much. But a lot of my neighbors don't even turn their porch lights on and their yards are dark as a tomb just inviting a thief who no one would see whatsoever.

Thanks but lol. I don't want them to touch their porch light and that sounds a bit ridiculous to even ask. Everyone should use their porch lights and it might just stop the need for these cams and thwart thieves. I appreciate your comment so don't take me wrong but there's no way in hell my neighbor is going to agree to that and I would feel funny even asking which I wouldn't do anyway. Everyone should be using their front and back porch lights at night no matter what. The fact that people get robbed are because their yards are darker than a tomb in most cases. You could place something to block the light from your neighbor's porch light.

That's probably the only real way to fix it.